Importing CSV files from S3 to Redshift with AWS Glue

I have done lots of CSV imports in my life. And it was sometimes painful especially the maintenance of the servers that did the imports. But in this era of cloud and serverless services you can do a CSV import much more easily and what is more important you can get rid of that pain that managing servers represent. In today’s example I will show you how to import a CSV file from Amazon S3 into Amazon’s data warehouse which is called Redshift. I will do this with a service called AWS Glue which is according to Amazon’s description a fully managed extract, transform, load (ETL) service. It allows you to import not only to Redshift but also other JDBC databases and it does all this without you having to manage any servers. You can also do transformation on the data although today’s video will only show you a simple import. So if you want to see how this is done please watch the video below.

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